Ghosts Of The Living

from by GAEA



“Ghosts of the Living”
That’s why I see right through you (x8)
Ghosts of the Living Dead (x4)
Mind-less or mind-full?
Are you empty or are you full?
Do you see with your two eyes ?
Or are they focused on the inside?
Are you alive or are you dead?
Is it live or in your head?
Are you awake or in your sleep?
In the shallow or the deep?
Can you say you’re not your mind
Living in a state of time
Future’s got you in its grip
Don’t look back or you may slip
In your words is desperation / what you lack is inspiration
You can’t see what I see / with dead hearts and dead minds
We have to wake up!
Mindless zombies in human form
Brains are rotting since they’ve been born
As selfish ego driven herds
The proof is in their shallow words
Are they alive or are they dead?
Are they victims of their heads?
The proof is in their wicked deeds
Driven by their selfish needs
Planted by their evil seeds
Step right up and take a shot
Human cattle set to rot
Plague of man may be fulfilled
As long as we ignore the will
Of God and Sun and Mother Earth
To renew the human worth
Of pride in soul and justice served
Zombies fall down with their herd
If you’re awake and not asleep
Humanity can still be saved
If you sleep and don’t awake
You will surely find your grave
Are you alive or are you dead?
Do you believe what you’ve been fed?
Is it true what we now see?
Man has lost humanity (x3)


from GAEA, released June 25, 2013



all rights reserved


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