Depth Chargers

from by GAEA



“Depth Chargers”
Going Below..Going Below…Set to Explode!
We were put onto this plane (of reality)
To explode and bring the pain
To defend and let the rain
Wash us clean and make us sane
We were made to crush and destroy
Never quit until we deploy
Depth chargers in the mind
Set to blow at just the right time
Going below…under the waves
Going below…our souls will be saved
Going below…must break the hold
Going below…it’s time to explode
It’s time to…
Going below … set to explode!
We were born to bring the truth
Shed the light and break your rules
We won’t fit into your box
We will break the chains and locks
We have been here all along
And we will be here when your gone
We will always break your hold
Cause we were made and set to explode
Going below…into the mind
Going below…to see the signs
Going below…to break the mold
Going below…time to explode
We can’t stop, we won’t stop, we’ll never stop
Going below…going below…set to explode!


from GAEA, released June 25, 2013



all rights reserved


GAEA Los Angeles, California

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